How to Choose the Right Awning For Your Home

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Awnings come in various styles, colors and types. Awning makes your home look more beautiful or provide you shelter to protect you from the heat of the sun.

If you are looking to install awnings in your home can consider these few things so that you can make the right choice. If you are looking for professional awning services you may visit

Material: Awning comes in different materials and colors and different material demand different maintenance. Outdoor fabric and aluminum blinds are two most commonly used materials. If you want stylish and colorful awnings then you can go with outdoor fabrics and if you want long-lasting awning then you can choose aluminum blinds.

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Angle: The angle of the awning is a factor to consider. 65-75% drop size is recommended for east or west-facing windows and for south-facing windows 45-60% drop size is recommended because these windows need less coverage due to the angle of the sun.

Side panels: you can add panels to the awnings if you want your windows to look more beautiful. Panels can change the complete look of the awnings and also provide extra coverage from the heat of the sun.

Size: The size of the awnings depend on the space where you are going to install it. Awnings come in different sizes. Small awnings are beautiful to see and can be used for styling purpose while big awnings are used in outdoor space for greater coverage.

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Style: Awnings come in different styles such as double bar standard, dome style, closed or open side etc and you choose them according to the look of your home and for this, you can take help from the architect or shade and blind company.

You can consider all the above factors to choose awnings for your home and decorate indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. You can check over here if you want to know more about awning styles.