Few Things On Indian Dinning Etiquette

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Many people like to taste the spicy food of India. However, they have trouble managing the strong spicy flavor of the food. Getting used to such foods may take a while, but if you really want to savor Indian cuisine, customize it to suit your needs.

In addition to knowing how to handle spicy Indian dishes, it's also important to know a few other things related to Indian thali's labels and processing.

• Indian food label – In India, it is traditional to eat food with the hands; usually with the right hand. In most foreign countries, people use a spoon and fork to eat and are generally unaware of the etiquette of Indian cuisine.

Some Indian dishes cannot be eaten with a spoon or fork, you must use your fingers to eat them effortlessly. If you really want to try eating with your hands, use the fingers of your right hand and not the palm of your hand to mix the curry rice and take small portions of food.

• Indian Thali: A typical thali from southern India or northern India includes many varieties of food, served on a large plate. Seeing the variety, you can be confused which article to start first. 

You must start with Indian breads (naan, puri or chapati) with curry or dal, followed by rice, which can be mixed with curry, dal or yoghurt. Try ghee (clarified butter) with curry or dal with hot rice, you'll be delighted. And at the end of your meal, take the sweet dish.