How Biodegradable Bags Can Help Save Our Planet

Biodegradable bags are a new thing that can eliminate problems arising from the countless tons of non-degradable plastic waste generated by humans. Almost anything that we bring home from the store is packed in non-degradable plastics. Almost every day we throw garbage in plastic bags.

Each resident on the Earth planet "produce" one ton of waste per year. One family uses about 1,500 plastic bags, on average, per year. Polymer waste problems particularly acute in large cities. waste is collected and disposed of in landfills, where it lay for hundreds of years. The usual decaying polymer takes up to 200 years.

The plastic discard problem can be solved by the following: normal poly material needs to be replaced with biodegradable bags. You can easily buy biodegradable bags at and other online sites. The use of biopolymers in all kinds of plastic packaging will ensure utilization in the period of several weeks to several years, not hundreds of years.

The good point is that many modern companies that have mastered the production of environmentally safe plastics. Polymer decomposes to form volatile products and solid that do not damage the environment. Their decomposition mechanism is as follows: first, there is oxidation caused by exposure to light, heat and mechanical load; then there is biodegraded by microorganisms.

biodegradable plastics are usually tested to ensure that they will degrade in the environment by oxidation and biodegradation. different companies perform environmental tests of various materials. One method of the accelerated aging test – materials subjected to high humidity, temperature, and UV radiation, for hundreds of hours. If the experimental results show high performance, such as bio-plastics used in production.

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