How To Choose The Best Exterior Wall Panels?

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Contemporary architecture and facades are growing popularity around the world. Homebuyers prefer clean lines and simple designs for both interior and exterior of the home. Wood cladding can be seen in all the homes design.

Exterior Wall Panel
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Exterior wall panels Chatham-kent ON acts as protective skin of a house. It is made up of several layers including exterior surface of walls, plastic wraps to keep out moisture, insulation and vapour barrier and much more. Plastic sliding and brick are the two most commonly used cladding material. In modern days exterior cladding also advances and give different cladding options to the architect.

In this article, we’ll discuss these cladding options with their pros and cons that will help you to choose the best material for your house.

Bricks and Mortar Clading
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Brick and Mortar Exterior Cladding

Brick is known as the building block of the house. It is commonly used in Exterior wall panels. It is easy to find and is a traditional way work will be completed in a small time.


  • It is a natural material namely clay soil that has been burnt in kilns to form a brick.
  • They can lasts for a lifetime.
  • No exterior painting is required on it.
  • It also offers insulation to home.


  • Enormous energetic cost is needed to make a brick
  • A vast amount of energy is used up as it is burnt in kilns
  • Mortar i.e. used to bind the brick contains cement and carbon footprint industry accounts for 5% of global Carbon dioxide


Vinyl Siding Exterior Cladding

Vinyl Siding Exterior Cladding

It is used by the new home buyers nowadays. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this.


  • Extremely long span routinely lasting for 50 years.
  • Inexpensive exterior wall panel options
  • Boost R-value of the overall insulation capacity
  • Less than half of energy and fuel to manufacture than brick.


  • It’s sourced from non-renewable resources/
  • Cause serious developmental health problems to people who are exposed to dioxin during manufacturing
Wood Siding

Wood Siding

There are different types of exterior cladding reclaimed wood product to the composite siding. It is made up of sawdust and other product. Use of metal with wood is common nowadays. However,  metal walls Chatham-kent ON has its own impact on the siding material.


  • Sourced from a renewable resource
  • Beautiful exterior wood cladding
  • Gives traditional look while upcycling would otherwise have need lost.

Now you have learnt about exterior wall panel option. So next time prefer to choose these modern and trendy things so that you have a dream home. Hover over this website to know how wood cladding products give your home a gorgeous look ever after.