Seller Services – Our Marketing Plan for your Home

The objective is always to sell your property at the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least inconvenience to you. At any point in time, current or changing market conditions can have a big impact on any marketing approach. Your home or property’s location, condition, and price range will also determine how best to market it. We provide you with all the necessary services to successfully sell your home.

Most home owners do not have time to leave their job during the middle of the day to show prospective buyers their home. The average home buyer will usually feel more comfortable viewing your home with an agent present, and will usually not admit freely to you their likes or dislikes. However potential buyers will usually discuss these items with a professional real estate agent, and after showings we will contact the buyers’ agent for honest feedback.

We will be your third party in the negotiations between you and prospective buyers, and will effectively work out all the negotiations. We are familiar with the detailed agreement of any purchase and sale contract that is valid and legally binding. We will properly screen any prospective buyers in regards to their financial status.

What asking price should we set for the successful sale of your home? We will work together with you to set this amount only after a thorough comparison of other comparable properties that have recently sold in your particular area of Clark County. We will help you price the property to sell at a fair market figure.

To successfully market and procure a sale of your property you need to have as many prospective buyers as possible notice it.  And the Very best way to get your home noticed is to list it in a Multiple Listing Service!

This is where the “for sale by owner” generally has a difficult time. Owners see that an agent puts a sign in the yard, prepares brochures, holds open houses, advertises in the paper, and on the internet, and they see this is how homes get sold. This is not to say it can’t be accomplished, as many homes are successfully sold as “for sale by owner”. However the total percentage of homes sold this way is just not that high.

Statistics show the majority of homes are sold as the direct result of being listed in the MLS, and very few in an ad or a home they visit during an open house. Think about your own experiences when you bought the house you are now selling. How did you find it? Probably through your agent, who found it in the Multiple Listing Service.

The local MLS for Clark County is a huge network, and practically every local agent is a member. All of those agents have several clients looking to buy homes or property in several different price ranges, and in different areas of the county. The professional agent members of the MLS network is what gets your property noticed and ultimately leads to the successful sale of your home or land.