Tips for Making Scented Candles

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Making scented candles will most likely be a large part of your candle making work and a large percentage of your candle range if you are making candles to sell. Customers love the fragrance of scented candles and use them for all different occasions.

There are a large number of fragrance candles available so it would be unlikely that a small candle making home business would even consider using the entire aroma but probably will choose eight to ten as a fragrance of their basic variety. If you are looking for the Scented Candles, you can contact mellistyles.

Putting together a variety of candles to sell requires some advance planning. Fragrances candles and candle color needs to be well coordinated for the best overall effect on the range that will be displayed together. To do this requires a fragrance to match the color of the candle.

Decide which is most important to you – your candle colors or fragrances that make you want to offer. From there you can decide which fragrances to choose and what colors to use in accordance with fragrances that you decide.

If selling wholesale selection process is not so important because every color and flavor variety will stand alone and not be seen as a whole and the customer will choose what they wish to promote. For more ideas about various coordination visit the candle shop and see how they put their ranges together on the screen.