What Are Surplus Gas Masks?

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Surplus gas masks are available in a huge variety at companies and stores that specialize in military surplus gear. There are military surplus retail outlets and literally hundreds of websites that deal in such kind of stuff. But a gas mask should be purchased following several considerations.

To start with, consider the fact that you’re purchasing an old gas mask. How old is it? Was it invented prior to the top NBC agents (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological) were even invented? If so, how successful is it to stand against the current weapons of mass destruction?

The major reason why people buy gas masks is usually that they feel a need to protect themselves as well as their loved ones against the possibility of a terrorist attack. Hence, the main characteristic of any gas mask should be its effectiveness against the most commonly expected terrorist weapons.

Next, you must find out more about the history of the specific model of gas mask you’re considering to purchase. It will take a while but it is going to make a difference. If a gas mask has been discontinued by the military, it’s generally because when used, it exhibited some sort of flaw which rendered it deplorable.

You should research its history and discover what that defect was. If it fails to accomplish the very purpose you’re using it for, then maybe you shouldn’t get it.

However, if you discover that it works just fine, except under extreme situations that still makes it worthwhile for the own purposes.

In the end, you should thoroughly check the filtration system. In certain versions, the filtration system used chemical agents intended to neutralize the NBC weapons.

Some of these filtration systems degenerate over time and the agents used can turn into lethal substances themselves. Certainly, a deadly gas mask is an undesirable contradiction in terms.